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Education minister Dipu Moni on Wednesday said next year’s SSC and HSC exams are likely to be delayed due to novel coronavirus situation.

The minister made the disclosure at a virtual press briefing on school admission.Revealing that the authorities have prepared a curtailed syllabus for the SSC and HSC examinees that can be completed in three months, Dipu Moni said, “We want to take classes for three months based on curtailed syllabus. Therefore, the SSC and HSC examinations might be deferred for a month or two.”

SSC examinations are generally held in February each year and HSC in April. But the academic calendar has seriously been disrupted this year due to the closure of educational institutions since 17 March.

According to the latest development, educational institutions would remain closed till 19 December due to coronavirus situation.

The minister also said the schools under the ministry would admit students through lottery in each class. Details of the admission would be revealed by 7 December.


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